Shower Gel Geranium and Ylang Ylang
250 ml

The body lotion Puravida Bio is a cosmetic cleansing product rich in lycopene enzymatic extract, aloe vera and lemon juice; it cleanses and moisturizes the skin perfuming it with fresh notes of Geranium e Ylang Ylang.



Enzymatic assisted lycopene extract processed through patented (Patent:RM2007A000651) M.A.C. technology (Microdispersed Aqueous Carotenoids) lycopene (from tomato•) which counteracts oxidative stress from UV light

Aloe vera*: rich in minerals and oligoelements has a soothing, calming, regenerative effect

Apple vinegar•: is a good astringent and helps maintain pH balance

Lemon juice•: contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) (mainly malic, citric, and tartaric acids) hydrating and gently exfoliating the skin AHA stimulate cell turnover increasing the skin’s supply of collagen and elastin and mucopolysaccharides levels in dermal fibroblasts.

Delicate plant based on detergents with a protective action maintaining an unchanged hydro-lipid skin balance

ingredienti biologici



Applicare un piccolo quantitativo di prodotto sul corpo bagnato, massaggiare fino a ottenere una soffice schiuma e risciacquare abbondantemente


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