Matte Effect Anti-Aging Lotion
30 ml


Do you want to minimize wrinkles keeping a comfort that lasts during warmer months on mature skin without nourishing too much?

Use daily Matte Effect Anti-Aging Lotion
PuraVida Bio

Puravida Bio Matte Effect Anti-Aging Lotion was
developed to meet the needs of mature skin, which are often
dehydrated deep down but on the surface are often oily,
especially in the T-zone (forehead-nose-chin).
To rebalance the differing layers rapidly, the product
contains a particular blend of balanced oils that guarantee
a fresh, soft and light skin texture.
The properties of dates, together with wheat and coffee
lysates, create meanwhile a real natural barrier to free
radicals and thanks to synergies with tomato lycopene,
offer constant protection from UV damage.
The matte effect is obtained from rice starch, which
smoothes the skin and eliminates an unpleasant shiny look.
For combination or oily skins Puravida Bio
Matte Effect Anti-Aging Lotion
 can be applied in the morning
as it is also an excellent make-up base and then Puravida Bio
Anti- Aging Cream is recommended in the evening.


wheat lysate°, coffee lysate°, royal jelly°, tomato extract°, date extract*, balsamic vinegar°, jojoba oil*, vitamin C, unfiltered Italian extra-virgin olive oil°, rice starch, natural vitamin E.

ingredienti biologici

wheat lysate antioxidant, anti-wrinkles, skin protection coffee lysate antioxidant, vasoconstrictor, cell stimulating royal jelly restructuring, nourishing, toning
date wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, protects against UV tomato combats free radicals, protects against UV rays balsamic vinegar antioxidant, smoothing, brightening



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