Make-up Remover Micellar water
200 ml


A single, neutral pH, face and eye lotion to eliminate skin impurities and remove all types of makeup, even the most difficult, every day.

A mixture of plant extracts leaves the skin moist and firm, while the oat lysate and aloe juice gently hydrate the skin, lightening any redness.

Red grape provides protection against free radicals, strengthening the antiaging action.


rice lysate°, oat lysate*, melilotus hydrolat*, aloe juice*, red grape hydrolat*, tomato extract°, sorbitol.

ingredienti biologici

oats lysate soothing, moisturizing, protective rise lysate decongestant, refreshing and moisturizing aloe juice soothing, moisturizing, toning
Echinacea immunostimulant MELILOTUS soothing effect red grapes vegetable stem cells, anti-wrinkles



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