Lysates and Supply

Puravida Bio Products are all made with certified natural organic ingredients which are transformed into precious plant Lysates in our selected laboratories: effective, safe, natural and dermatologically tested, our BioEcoCosmetics will guarantee the respect of an all natural, short and sustainable supply chain!


Barley, wheat, rice, oats, coffee, beans, tomatoes, dates, artichokes, lemons, licorice … these are just some of the foods that Alce Nero farmers cultivate on their fields, following strict organic farming, i.e. without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals: these organic raw materials are the basic ingredients that we have chosen for the formulation of our Puravida Bio products!
You can read on all our packaging exactly what foods are of biological origin provided by Alce Nero and you can also find out on our website what are the important beauty properties that every organic food we use can provide to your skin.

Bio transformation

To enhance the functional principles of natural raw materials, Alce Nero organic foods are transformed into certified Lysates in our selected laboratories through an active process of natural fermentation (called “elision”), which serves to strengthen all the antioxidants and revitalizing principles of the ingredients used.
This method of biotransformation enhances the nutritional components of food, making immediately available to the body all the beneficial and cosmetic properties. Furthermore, the scientific preparation does not take place in a forced manner ; the method we use is simply assisted, that is to say without the addition of chemicals substances of aromatic, polycyclic or heterocyclic origin.


Our long lasting expertise in the field of BioEcoCosmetics, has given birth to Puravida Bio, an innovative line of skin care products that use in its unique formulation only natural ingredients, produced according to strict organic agriculture. The biotransformation of raw materials in plant lysates, thanks to modern science and technology, provides a range of high efficiency, high quality and skin compatible products: biological and ecological Puravida Bio cosmetics as a matter of fact are all nickel free, dermatologically tested and free from allergens and parabens … that’s why Puravida Bio is the safe choice of alive and active cosmetics, without having to choose between beauty and nature!