Eye and Lip Contour Cream
30 ml


Do you want to feel free to smile without fearing the onset of wrinkles?

Use daily Eye and Lip Contour Cream Puravida Bio!

Puravida Bio Eye and Lip Contour Cream keeps skin
deeply hydrated and well nourished, targeting the formation
of wrinkles and deep lines especially in the areas which
are most used to express ourselves, where the so-called
“laughter lines” appear.
A precise soothing blend, with oat lysate, aloe, iris
and liquorice extracts which are naturally rich in betaglycyrrhetinic
acid, help to keep the area around the eyes
and lips looking fresh and smooth.
Given its characteristics, this product can also be
efficiently used on younger skins to prevent the
formation of fine lines.
Ripe tomato lycopene extract is used in all Puravida Bio
products to protect the skin from UV damage.


oat lysate°, aloe vera extract*, tomato extract°, liquorice extract*, iris extract*, coconut oil, jojoba oil*, unfiltered Italian extra-virgin olive oil°, natural vitamin E.

ingredienti biologici

oats lysate soothing, moisturizing, protective aloe juice soothing, moisturizing, toning tomato combats free radicals, protects against UV rays
extra vergin olive oil firming, nourishing, skin protection liquorice decongestant, refreshingeshing, invigorating coconut nourishing oil, skin protection, elasticity



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