Body Reshaping Treatment
200 ml


Do you want to fight in a systematic way skin imperfections, giving your skin a toned and firm look?

Use daily Body Reshaping Treatment Puravida Bio!

Puravida Bio Body Reshaping Treatment is a liquid crystal
emulsion which is particularly suited to act as a vehicle
for the active ingredients and formulated to counter any
skin problems in a targeted and scientific way.
In fact, coffee and bean lysates in the product’s formula
act on oxidation and intervene in the lipolytic reaction;
papaya extract acts on the cyclic AMP activating the
protein kinase A and consequently lipolysis; bean seeds
(Phaseolus vulgaris L.) contain phaseolamin, an inhibitor
of the enzyme alpha-amylase which prevents complex
sugars from being assimilated, delaying the transformation
into simple sugars. The product is ideal for use on a daily
or repeated basis and for anti-cellulite massages.


bean lysate°, coffee lysate°, papaya extract*, jojoba oil*, unfiltered Italian extra-virgin olive oil°, shea butter*, sweet almond oil*, natural vitamin E, rice starch.

ingredienti biologici

bean lysate controls lipid metabolism, slimming properties coffee lysate antioxidant, vasoconstrictor, cell stimulating papaya antioxidant, anti-cellulite
  extra vergin olive oil firming, nourishing, skin protection sweet almond firming oil, nourishing



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