Alce Nero

You will find the best food ingredients in our Puravida Bio products: Make your beauty more alive thanks to their valuable natural properties!

Alce Nero is the brand of over 1000 producers who have chosen to cultivate only according to the method of organic farming: respecting the earth and rejecting the use of chemicals, producing, for over 30 years, quality, tasty and healthy food …
These are the basic ingredients at the base of our products Puravida Bio!

In organic vegetables foods, substances related to our body are naturally found: that is why Puravida Bio ensures the dermo compatible effectiveness of its products!

spelt lysate moisturizing, rich in minerals, antioxidant bean lysate controls lipid metabolism, slimming properties rise lysate decongestant, refreshing and moisturizing wheat lysate antioxidant, anti-wrinkles, skin protection coffee lysate antioxidant, vasoconstrictor, cell stimulating honey emollient, moisturizing, nourishing
lemon astringent, purifying and revitalizing apple vinegar ph balancing, toning royal jelly restructuring, nourishing, toning tomato combats free radicals, protects against UV rays extra vergin olive oil firming, nourishing, skin protection balsamic vinegar antioxidant, smoothing, brightening


In addition to the raw materials provided by ALCE NERO organic growers, in our  products you will find many other foods and natural ingredients of exclusively biological origin, including:

oats lysate soothing, moisturizing, protective sweet almond firming oil, nourishing pomegranate moisturizing, refreshing, regenerative liquorice decongestant, refreshingeshing, invigorating aloe juice soothing, moisturizing, toning papaya antioxidant, anti-cellulite
 red grapes vegetable stem cells, anti-wrinkles date wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, protects against UV coconut nourishing oil, skin protection, elasticity artichoke balancing sebum, detoxifying green tea antioxidant , draining, firming